Fire & Flame

For Kay. "Ready?" The plume on the helmet wobbled. From somewhere within the helmet's steely depths, someone audibly gulped. "As I'll ever be." "Crouch!" The knight wobbled to a kneeling position, gripping the inner handle of the shield with clumsy, gauntleted fingers. Beneath the helmet's visor, the knight was sweating, eyes squeezed shut. The beating… Continue reading Fire & Flame


A Hard Day’s Work for a Very Small Librarian

For Tatiana. "Look, Alfred, will you just come down from there?" The cat on top of the bookshelf licked a paw delicately, staring down at the speaker. It didn't move except for a single lazy lash of its tail. She sighed. "You can't sit there all day. You'll have to come down in the end,"… Continue reading A Hard Day’s Work for a Very Small Librarian

Short stories

Transcript from the Interview…

Transcript from the interview that contributed material for the article ‘Aliens from Outer Space: Make Us Into Your Leaders’, published Oct 2036 No. The first clutch was the easiest, in a way. Well, we didn't know what we were doing. Didn't realise that only one in ten of the hatchlings would see the six-month mark.… Continue reading Transcript from the Interview…