On Books

Mute on a shelf, all shut up in its covers, A book waits to be opened and read. Alone or surrounded by dozens of others, Mute on a shelf, all shut up in its covers, Full of the words of heroes and lovers Alive, never living, or now long dead. Mute on a shelf, all… Continue reading On Books



Report #234-0001 Planet Designation: 0037513 - Terra FIRST OBSERVER'S REPORT: The dominant lifeform on this planet is a bipedal ancestor somewhat akin to our [UNTRANSLATABLE]. It is somewhat intelligent, but its primacy is due to its ability to use and create tools. Instead of evolving [UNTRANSLATABLE] in order to assert [APPROXIMATE TRANSLATION: dominance] over the… Continue reading [UNTRANSLATABLE]


Me, Too

Content note: this poem and my note afterwards discuss sexual assault. Sing, Goddess, of the anger of Dr Christine Blasey Ford, of all the other people wronged and silent for too long. No bronze greaves, no shield and spear, no weapon but naked honesty, the greater courage. Sing, Goddess, and let them all be heard,… Continue reading Me, Too

Short stories

Opportunity Only Knocks Once (Cats, However…)

When you have a balcony on the third floor, you don't generally expect to answer a knocking on the window. There was a tree outside that stretched up to maybe the fifth floor balcony, sure -- several trees -- but they don't usually knock on your window, except in the highest storms, and they certainly… Continue reading Opportunity Only Knocks Once (Cats, However…)