Christmas Limericks

Notes: It’s important to put the notes first here, or it makes no sense at all! These limericks were written as the tags for the Christmas presents for our four bunnies — Hulk (greedy and bossy), Breakfast (a complete mummy’s boy — he loves to cuddle, but mostly only with me and much less so my wife!), Eclair (loves his seagrass house so much, but nibbled right through the last one until he could no longer stand on its roof) and Eclair’s littermate Biscuit (nosey little bun who got a whole stack of ‘snack pots’ for Christmas).

For Hulk:

There once was a bunny who could
Chew through anything and def’nitely would
Hulk was her name
And when presents came
She gnawed through them all pretty good.

For Breakfast:

There once was a gentleman bun
Who thought cuddling pretty darn fun
A mummy’s boy
Who sometimes plays coy
He won’t cuddle with just anyone.

For Eclair:

There was a young bun called Eclair
Who chewed a great hole in his lair
In consequence of which
(And it’s a bit of a hitch)
He was somehow left standing on air!

For Biscuit:

Young Biscuit knows just how to share
With her brother, the little Eclair
And this little gift
Can’t cause any rift
Because they’re a sweet little pair.


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